Dita Von Teese enchants the Crazy Horse

Sexy as can be, the queen of striptease has come to radiate her beauty onto the stage of the Crazy Horse. A star of burlesque, she is also involved for the first time ever in the art direction of this new avant-garde show. A joyful encounter backstage at this cabaret that celebrates with audacity the glamour of the pin-up spirit…

Between the Crazy Horse and you, it’s a story of love and…loyalty!

Yes indeed! I first arrived in 1992 in Paris with a photo in my bag of the famous changing of the royal British guards representation. I rushed over to see the show and I went back to see it again four more times during the week! I had already performed burlesque strip-tease shows in the United States, but I was fascinated by the sophistication of the way the lighting was done. The American burlesque star Lily Saint Cyr was the initial inspiration for Alain Bernardin, the cabaret’s founder. But his attention to details and his creativity have turned the Crazy Horse into a national treasure in France! I went back on every trip. In 2006, then in 2009, Sophie Bernardin invited me to participate in a show as a guest performer.

Today you now intervene as well in the art direction, how would you describe this new show?

In collaboration with the teams of the Crazy Horse and Ali Mahdavi, I have a role as “curator”. We work together and speak the same artistic language about newness with a taste for the exceptional. I am integrating a tribute to the most famous Crazy Horse numbers such as the bathtub one: Bath Dita’s but it will be the first high-tech strip tease with top secret special effects never seen before!

For the Dita’s Crazy Show, you will be on stage in five representations, how will you prepare yourself?

I will be very present and exercise regularly. I decide to be strong, so as I do in Los Angeles where I live, I adopt here as well a healthy lifestyle with organic vegetarian cuisine. I adore walking around my area in the Marais, going to Mariage Frères or the Carnavalet museum or the Chasse et de la nature museum. And also stopping to take a little break at the Meurice hotel or hanging out at a Caron perfume shop.


Dita Von Teese au Crazy Horse from March 15 to March 30

12 Avenue George V, 75008, Paris Phone : +33 (0)1 47 23 32 32 www.lecrazyhorseparis.com
See itinerary

When roaming around the world with your Strip Strip Hooray show, do you find the audiences to be quite different from one continent to another?

This year, I’ve been to China a lot where strip tease is not allowed, whereas the audience is extremely warm and attentive. It has opened a new door for me…being faced with 3000 to 4000 spectators creates an emotion very different from that of the Crazy Horse where the room is more like a little jewelry box. Here, I have the feeling that the spectators can read my thoughts…we are filled with intimacy!

Give us some advice on how to succeed a strip tease…

You have to be sincere with yourself, natural, and please yourself in order to please others. If you think about what makes you happy with a good dose of humor and a feel good attitude, the effect of a wink becomes multiple.

What do you think about the impact of social networks or photos instantaneously streaming out all over the place?

On the one hand I take advantage of this to market my collection of lingerie (glamuse.com) with 3 million followers on Facebook, a million on Instagram, and 2.2 million subscribers on Twitter. But if I spend a pleasant evening with Isabelle Adjani or Prince, I do not have a desire to share photos of this. When I’m asked I say “yes, go ahead and take a photo, but that’s all that you will get!” I appreciate that they are not allowed at Crazy Horse. This adds to the intense magic of the moment.

Do you get stage fright?

I get more of a healthy nervous energy, that I’m able to channel by isolating myself. I do my hair and my makeup by myself while drinking a glass of champagne. But for the four hours preceding the show, I have to always be right! Running into someone with negative intentions alters one’s self-confidence.

What can we wish for the most famous queen of burlesque strip tease for 2016?

Satisfy the audience at the Crazy Horse! Then go on tour around Europe with Strip Strip Hooray and my spectacular Martini Glass number. Expand my collection of vibrant colored lingerie: blue, mauve, peach. And seduce the French public with my new book Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour…

Bio Express

Bio Express

  • Born Heather Renée Sweet in Michigan
  • First steps on stage and on toe in a classical ballet dance company
  • Part of the scandalous clip mObscene by Marylin Manson who she married two years later
  • Triumphal American and European tour for the queen of burlesque stripping
  • Published “Burlesque and the Art of the Tease” (Hugo) as a tribute to pin-up girls and bondage
  • Divorced from Marylin Manson, poses for the cover of Playboy. Becomes the muse of Wonderbra, M.A.C., Agent Provocateur, Virgin Atlantic, and Perrier. Release of the DVD of her at Crazy Horse with her sophisticated 11-minute strip tease in a giant martini glass
  • Strip Strip Hooray show world tour
  • Creates a collection of sexy lingerie with Christian Louboutin
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