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Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris An exotic journey

Zen, precious and out-of-this-world, this unique five-star hotel, the latest addition to the George V Entertainment family, is steeped in Buddhist charm.

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, the third of the name after Prague and Budapest, is like something out of Baudelaire – a modern day version of his “invitation to travel”. In fact, its founder Raymond Visan really seemed to have taken the poet’s verses to heart: “Gleaming furniture,polished by the years, will ornament our bedroom; the rarest flowersmingling their fragrance with the faint scent of amber, the ornateceilings, the limpid mirrors, the oriental splendor, all would whisper there secretly to the soul in its soft, native language.” This ode to finer things in life has inspired each and every floor – from the rooms to the meals, in the bathrooms and the steam bath, and in the Qu4tre, awarded the Prix Villégiature for the Best Hotel Bar in Europe.

On entering, you’re greeted by an amazingly harmonious blend of two very different cultures. Beyond the porch of this wonderful Parisian building dating from 1734, just a short stroll from rue Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and a brisk walk from the Place de la Madeleine, the magic of Asia entices travelers to step into the lobby and its galaxy of 120 vermillion lanterns. The lobby is watched over by the hotel’s guardian, a majestic dragon, the powerful symbol of Asia, which you can find everywhere – embroidered on the bedroom lampshades, engraved on the bathroom mirrors, sliding along the silk-lined corridors – as you explore the hotel’s many delights. And when we say “many” we mean it! The hotel caters for your every need from morning till night. Perfect for those balmy summer days, the 200 sq.m. cobbled courtyard nestled at the heart of the hotel’s 37 bedrooms and 19 suites is the starting point of another journey, this time of the culinary kind, from breakfast onwards. It serves drinks all day, along with lunch, dinner, tea time and brunch on Sunday, under red sunshades in a Japanese garden/open-air gallery filled with Bonzai trees and works of art. Push through a door and you’re in Le Vraymonde restaurant – a series of cozy salons decorated in crimson and saffron serving a cuisine that marries exotic flavors with French regional produce. Next, why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the Studio B/Attitude where you’ll discover cabin treatments, fitness and steam bath sessions, and even a tropical shower scented with essential oils! By the time you leave the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, you’ll understand exactly what the poet meant when he wrote: “All is harmony and beauty, luxury, peace and pleasure.”


Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

4 Rue d'Anjou, 75008, Paris Phone : 01 83 96 88 88 www.buddhabarhotelparis.com
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