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Wa Izakaya

Opposite Les Halles and next to the iconic Chien qui Fume, this location has had its share of pithy names. Forget Oki. Good-bye Igo. Allow me to introduce Wa (Izakaya is more or less the equivalent of bistro or tapas bar in Japanese). The dining room is now clad in light woodwork and bathed in soft, cozy lighting come evening. Behind the sushi bar, which also serves as the kitchen, you will find the friendly chef Yasuo Nanaumi, who excels as much in fusion food as he does here in the pure tradition of Japanese cuisine: a lovely sea bream carpaccio with soy and yuzu (€10.90), an amusing cabbage galette (okonomiyaki) topped with slivers of beef and thin strips of dried bonito that dance on the plate from the heat of the meat (€18.50), not to mention the excellent matcha green tea crème brûlée for dessert; Other dishes were less convincing, however, like the shabu-shabu salad with pork (€7.80) and its rather bland seasoning or the shrimp and asparagus tempura drowning in their spicy mayonnaise (€13.80). So yes, the chef is talented… but handling a menu of some 60 dishes unfortunately does not guarantee success across the board! Despite that, it’s a good location and worth trying the 5-course tasting menu at €49 or the weekend Bento Brunch at €35. Swift, professional service with a smile. Reservations recommanded.

From noon to 3pm and 6pm to 1am 
Open daily
Average price: €40


Wa Izakaya

35 rue du Pont-Neuf 75001 Paris Phone : 01 42 33 79 65
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By David Richard et Manuel Mariani - Published the

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