Zingaro They shoot angels don’t they (elegies)

Bartabas confronts his fears, doubts and dark side in this shadowy show featuring horses and acrobat riders. Lugubrious, disturbing but unfailingly beautiful, this procession of images includes stilted blue ghosts sheathed in burkas, skeletons on horseback, and Felliniesque clowns, half-butcher, half-candy shop owner, all wonderfully set to music by Tom Waits, The Doors, Prokofiev, Messiaen and Bach.

Until 31st december 
8 h 30 pm
From 21 € to 42 €



176 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Aubervilliers (93) Phone : +33 (0)1 48 39 18 03
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By Michel Doussot et Jean-Christophe Mary. Photo : Hugo Marty - Published the
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