La Nuit aux Invalides

La Nuit aux Invalides traces the story of Hôtel des Invalides, of Paris and France. Come travel across 3000 years of stories in this timeless place. From the Gallic people to Louis XIV, from Napoléon to the military leaders, meet those who have shaped yeasterday’s Lutèce and today’s Paris. A technological and artistic achievement: 45 minutes of computer graphics splashed across recently restored stone frontage of Hôtel National des Invalides, exceptionaly high-quality images thanks to 4K laser projectors newest generation. A huge multimedia sound and light show that makes the story come to life! In option (paid), you can visite the Dôme like you have never visited it before.

Until August 30
From 9€

By La Rédaction. Photo : Luc Arden - Published the

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