Exhibition “Ici et Ailleurs” by Yumiko Seki

At the invitation of the Town Hall of the 6th district of Paris in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the artist Yumiko Seki presents a set of watercolours and paintings on two themes: «Ici» and «Ailleurs».

«Ici»: This is Paris! So many times celebrated, sung, painted by artists and which today charm us once again thanks to the paintings and watercolours of Yumiko Seki who with the tip of his brushes makes appear the emblematic places of the Capital, but also the vibration of his energy, playing with delicacy between shade and light, angles of view, popular and artistic districts, tranquility of its parks. Each of his works is full of details. One finds in turn Paris in a soft and diaphanous light, the romantic Paris of the banks of the Seine with thousand reflections, the grey of its zinc roofs, the blonde stone of its monuments, passers-by hidden under their umbrella, the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre, the Invalides, the Palais-Bourbon, the Haussmann buildings, its boulevards, its streets with its shops and cafés. The Seine on which some barges glide. So many faithful and delicate reproductions bringing to life so many emblematic places and monuments of the capital and always magical, ranging from Gare de l’Est, St Lazare, Luxembourg gardens and Tuileries.

Through the works of Yumiko we perceive an atmosphere mixed with serenity and silence, sometimes adding a part of mystery when some passers-by appear, or a story that this young woman saw in the frame of a window. Yumiko gives us for our greatest pleasure, some points of view chosen for their touch of charm and their symbolism attached to the great events of its history and its neighborhoods: along the Seine where we discover the Institut de France built in 1795, in the distance the Sacré Coeur in its whiteness at the top of Montmartre whose architecture soars in the immensity of the island sky of France, appearing opposite the imposing dome of the Pantheon. The most popular stations were also his models by their monumentality and metallic construction.

Mairie du 6ème. Salon du Vieux Colombier

78 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
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Yumiko Seki takes us by the hand and takes us into universes where the feeling surprises. By its way of biting the moment, it loads with an emotion contained the slightest aspect of everyday life. With the meticulousness of an entomologist, she describes from the end of her brushes the facades, windows, gardens, people… Images that print the retina and that colors will load with poetry. Perspectives that tell the story of life and reflect the soul: a woman passes, she is of profile or back. As in a slow, peaceful movement, it seems to slide, Another is behind her window, upstairs a lamp lights the room. The paintings come to life, they tell a serene daily life, and would almost make you want to enter the frame.» Mylène Desclaux

The theme «Elsewhere» represents the other part of the exhibition as a travel diary of the many countries and cities crossed during his many trips around the world. From its native Japan to the South American countries, via the Mediterranean, Greece, Egypt, Abu Dhabi … With also beautiful escapes in France such as Versailles, the heart of Brittany, the beaches of the Atlantic, the banks of rivers and mountain lakes.


  • Exhibition from May 30 to June 17. Opening on June 1 at 6 pm. Free entrance.
  • Town hall of the 6th. Salon du Vieux Colombier .
  • 78 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris.
  • Monday to Friday 10h30 to 17h. Thursday until 19h and Saturday from 10h to 12h.
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