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G.IV? The Gulfstream 4 private jet? No! G.IV is the first name – Géric – and favorite number of the owner of the latest gourmet eatery in the Sentier district. Apart from a classy deli and tearoom, G.IV has a homely beams-and-exposed-stone basement dining room that’s almost as delicious as the menu. The shelves are filled with specially selected artisanal products, such natural soda with Bordeaux grapes, which you won’t find anywhere else in the capital. But what makes G.IV really special is the option of pairing your dish with your drink, not the other way round. Depending on the wine you choose from a selection of a dozen, mostly biodynamic labels, and a choice of beers (artisan and organic) and teas (Oolong from China, green from Japan and Ceylan Sylvakandy), the chef’s boards, which include seafood specials like smoked albacore tuna, organic Scottish salmon, and monkfish rillettes or farm produce including ham, duck rillettes and goat’s cheese, are perfect for one, two or a crowd!


3 Rue Poissonnière, 75002, Paris www.g-iv.fr
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