Luxury jewelry enlighten the Chinese New Year

Graff Diamonds

Founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, London-based jeweler Graff Diamonds is a relative newcomer to the gem scene, where reputations are made over centuries, not decades. But within just sixty years, it has earned a brilliant reputation in the sector, particularly for its spectacular and historic stones, like the Lesedi La Rona – a palm-sized 1,109 carat diamond discovered in a mine in Botswana.

From African mines to its London workshop, Graff is also one of the few jewelers to master each stage of the production process, including high-precision stone cutting. To celebrate Chinese New Year, this family business is giving pride of place to its Butterfly collection.

One of Graff’s favorite motifs, the butterfly is also a Chinese symbol of longevity and good fortune. Cascades of clear diamonds, accented with rubies or emeralds, add movement, depth and sparkle to these winged wonders. The small butterfly features on various necklaces, medallions and earrings, as if caught in mid-flight under a radiant sky.

Graff Diamonds – 17, place Vendôme, 1st. Tel. 01 40 13 74 60.


Hong Kong brand Qeelin is this year paying tribute to Shiba, a dog associated with good luck in China. Mounted on pink gold and encrusted with a spray of fine diamonds and a stunning ruby, Shiba is the latest member of the Wang Wang collection (Woof Woof in Mandarin), launched in 2015. Shiba is one of a long line of pendants inspired by man’s best friend, from the Chihuahua to the Corgi, and the French Bulldog to the Gold Retriever. Deftly crafted by the artisan jeweler and the inventiveness of its creative director, Dennis Chan, this limited edition with dough eyes is sure to melt your heart.

Les jardins du Palais Royal. 18, rue Montpensier, 1st. Tel. 01 49 26 96 90.

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