Longwy In Paris

The famous “Longwy enamels” set up shop on the rue Jacob simply because this is where galleries, antique shops, artists’ studios – in short, those who appreciate objects crafted from century-old techniques – are blooming. The pottery shop was founded in 1792, but in 1835 the Huart family was advised of the need retaliate with “French” products as opposed to imports from China and Japan: so they had the Italian Amedeo of Carenza come over with techniques that would allow them to produce enamels on earthenware. And so the enamels of Longwy were born. On the rue Jacob, in an original scenography, you can find some 200 pieces, all made by Longwy, featuring various artists, painters, sculptors, and jewelers. From northern France, 130 bales line the walls, forming a perfect contrast between the rustic straw and the 22K gold or 18K platinum enameled pieces. The idea was to make an impression, and it’s been done!

Les Émaux de Longwy

11 rue Jacob 75006 Paris Phone : +33 (0)1 77 19 86 24
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