Town planning

Hybrid venues between activities and catering

Known for its cinema and free fall simulator, Vill’up will reincarnate this summer in Boom Boom Villette! This first Food & Leisure Market, signed Apsys, totaling 25,000 m will have for attractions kiosks, food trucks and scooters, bars, an immersive theatre Batman Gotham City Adventures, as well as a bowling alley, a kid’s park, arcade games, laser mazes game, a collection of street art… There will be concerts and DJ sets, shows, cooking shows, art and sports classes… The old campus of Sorbonne-Nouvelle Censier will be rehabilitated. In 2022, it became a third place called Césure, worn by Plateau Urbain in partnership with Yes We Camp (co-founders of Les Grands Voisins). Focused on the transmission of knowledge and know-how, it welcomes artists, artisans, associations, students… In sunny days, its doors will open to the general public. There are exhibitions, markets, conferences, participatory workshops, shows and concerts. A snack bar with terrace, a canteen and an Emmaus Campüs shop complete the place. In the Docks district of Saint-Ouen, which has been undergoing changes for several years, a former Alstom factory has been maintained, 12,000 m of which will be occupied by a gourmet and cultural Halle. This will consist of kiosks, food trucks, restaurants, a food market, an event hall, a cooking school, coworking spaces. The animation of this address will be done in connection with La Lune Rousse (Ground Control). Acquired by the city of Épinay-sur-Seine, the site of Les Laboratoires Éclair (laboratories and film studios) was entrusted to Soukmachines (PRéàVIE, Halle Papin) for L’Éclair to spring up for at least six years. This creative and festive centre will extend over three hectares including green spaces.

L’Éclair During the year

8, avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, 93800 Épinay-sur-Seine
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Halle gourmande et culturelle de Saint-Ouen In September

6, rue de l’Hippodrome, Saint-Ouen, 93
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Boom Boom Villette In summer

30, avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris
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Césure Since February

13, rue Santeuil, 75005 Paris
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By Michel Doussot - Published the

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