A harmonious return to Brach with Harawell

Developed by Céline Benche, the exclusive Harawell® method balances the physical and mental, relieves the weight of tension, stress and chronic pain, and boosts tone. «Taking care to connect head, heart, body, is to restore the natural and perfect harmony between our three great riches», explains Céline Benche, creator of this holistic protocol that acts on the Hara (literally lower abdomen in Japanese). Hara refers to the epicentre of our vital energy, which weakens under the impact of fatigue, anxiety, unbalanced diet or sleep… by the joys of urban life in short! The Harawell® method is now implemented in a treatment room at the Brach Hotel, by experts trained by Céline Benche, in four hours and four steps, to be practiced in a row or separately if the schedule does not allow it. After a consultation to take stock of his lifestyle, physical, mental and emotional form, an ad hoc program is designed. It starts with a session of “Reconnection movements” proposing a succession of gestures studied to reactivate the Hara. The ritual continues with the “Energy Rebalancing” based on the Ortho Energy Method (OEM) developed by a physician, which acts on the release of energies through targeted pressure and stimulation points. Finally, the Harawell® massage allows you to regain all your serenity and harmony by reconnecting to yourself. The results are immediate and lasting, and are accompanied by new lifestyle habits and concrete keys to use independently in your daily life. This individual urban retreat for a return to fitness, in the most exotic of Parisian palaces, offers the added bonus of freedom to access the pool, steam room, sauna and salt cave Brach.

Brach Hôtel

17, rue Jean Richepin, 16e
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