Byblos, the tropezian reference

Mythical, the Byblos hotel has been at the top of the Tropezian hotels for years. Each season, the palace unveils new and ever more exciting offers.


The Byblos, a famous hotel from the late 60s that makes the heart of Saint-Tropez beat, needs no introduction. A true village within the village, it has welcomed the greatest personalities from all over the world, from crowned heads to movie stars. Symbolizing the wind of freedom that blew during the 70s and 80s, Byblos has entered a mature age. The 17,000 sqm of this little paradise continue to seduce beyond our borders with a magic formula that invites you to return because you feel so good there. The charm of the colorful buildings housing 87 comfortable rooms including 47 suites all different have something to please at a time when standardization has become the norm. A great strength of Byblos, the sense of service that you feel as soon as you have crossed the doors of the palace. The employees are not a group of anonymous people that we change at the whim of management but a “family” some of whose members have been pre- sent for several decades. Gastronomy is another strong point of Byblos under the leadership of chef Nicola Canuti. For breakfast and lunch, meet at the Jardin d’Arcadia. The sumptuous morning buffet gives way at noon to a light and gourmet menu. In the evening, Arcadia takes over indoors or outdoors with a gourmet menu where the specialties of the region are magnified by the Italian chef. We feast on small stuffed Provençal, grilled fish, and melting pasta.The service is close to perfection with a young, willing team that takes great care of the upscale clientele.This year, the hotel unveils a brand new 450 sqm Sisley spa. In a peaceful atmosphere conveyed by the purity of materials, we discover five treatment cabins, a hammam, a nail bar, and an indoor water cas- cade. The iconic Lebanese lounge, which was originally installed in a 17th-century palace in Beirut, remains a duo treatment room with a mysterious and exotic atmosphere. The patio and its mosaic – signed by the illustrious Roger Capron, where animals, flowers, and plants revolve around the sun –, have been preserved in all their splendor to host new workshops including yoga classes. At Byblos, relaxation and entertainment are always close. At Byblos Beach, we have lunch and rest to the sound of a DJ, while at night, the famous Caves du Roy welcome all those who want to party until dawn. Quite a program!

Hôtel Byblos Saint-Tropez

20, avenue Paul Signac. 83 Saint-Tropez Phone : 04 94 56 68 00
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