Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris Hedonism on every floor

The Four Seasons Hotel George V is set to celebrate summer in style, offering its guests a multi-faceted journey from the heart of Paris to Epernay and Versailles. Regardless of their preferences – be they festive, gastronomic, or oenological – the hotel aims to provide an immersive experience of the French art of living.


The Four Seasons Hotel George V welcomes guests into the warmth of the summer season, inviting them to immerse themselves in a chic Parisian atmosphere. The inaugural ribbon-cutting of festivities is symbolized by the opening of the enchanting “Cour de Marbre” . This alluring locale is accentuated by a sculptural fountain in the shape of a Vanda orchid, whose metallic, faceted petals seem to multiply and blur the perfect geometries of the space, the shifting natural light, and the silky colors of the arrangements by the renowned floral designer and hotel’s artistic director, Jeff Leatham.

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

 31, avenue George V, 8th Phone : +33 01 49 52 70 00
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Depending on the time of day, guests can revel in a signature cocktail or partake in summer delicacies crafted by Simone Zanoni, the head Chef at George, one of the hotel’s three Michelin-starred restaurants along with Le Cinq and L’Orangerie.The unique triad of gastronomic destinations sets the George V apart in the realm of Parisian luxury hotels. As the suns ways into the afternoon, a specially curated ‘Terrace by Simone Zanoni’ menu is unveiled, brimming with invigorating fruit cocktails and dishes redolent of Mediterranean freshness – such as tuna tartare, gazpacho, and a host of grilled seasonal vegetables. Lunch and dinner are equally enticing affairs, with patrons exploring plates of delicious cuisine. Beef carpaccio, vitello tonato, fish crudo, delicately seasoned pasta, calamari, and champagne risotto are all set to awaken your taste buds, while your eyes are treated to the captivating charm of the Marble Courtyard. This luxurious haven emerges as the perfect setting to be guided by Francesco Cosci, surrendering to the temptation of one of the 1,000 selections from the impressive wine list, over 700 of which are coming from Italy. The head sommelier has painstakingly curated a range of 40 wines by the glass, each embodying the epitome of elegance and excellence. From the vintages of the renowned Clos Rougeard estate,Barolo from sought-after Italian wine- makers like Burlotto, to the secretive cuvées of the iconic Quintarelli estate, guests can journey through France and Italy at any time of the day, savoring a splendid bottle of wine.

Beyond culinary delights, this year George V also offers guests the unique opportunity to visit the Perrier-Jouët estate in Épernay, renowned for its Maison Belle Époque. This mansion, once home to the founders of the iconic champagne house, harbors the largest private collection of Art Nouveau pieces in Europe, opening its majestic Hector Guimard-designed doors to hotel guests. A sneak peek into the world of Émile Gallé, Louis Majorelle, Gauguin, and Toulouse Lautrec awaits, with a tour complemented by a grand cru tasting in the historic cellars, a gourmet lunch in the shaded estate gardens, and a champagne-paired, star-studded dinner at L’Orangerie. The Palace-hotel also sets sail towards a novel gourmet and bucolic experience that’s immersive and responsibly led by Simone Zanoni. Destination: Versailles, reached in a Porsche Panamera electric vehicle, for a first-rate master class located close to the Château at the Domaine de Madame Elisabeth.This property, owned by Louis XVI’s sister, provides the fruits and vegetables for the George restaurant. Here, in this 1,800 square meter royal vegetable garden, guests can indulge in picking the season’s freshest produce before cooking them with the Michelin-starred Chef in an open-air kitchen nestled right in the garden’s heart. After this top-flight collaborative cooking lesson, guests can then enjoy their well-deserved meal at a large communal table, complemented by a glass of wine they have selected with the head sommelier, thus completing a day of unmatched perfection.

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