Ritz Paris A legend palace

The flagship of French luxury, the Ritz holds sway over the place Vendôme and continues to embody the excellence and elegance of a very special art of living.

Never since 1898, the year when the visionary entrepreneur César Ritz opened the establishment, has the Hotel Ritz Paris known such a transformation. After four years of renovation work, this most distinguished of Parisian luxury hotels had opened its doors again in June 2016. The famous guests who once frequented the Ritz – including Coco Chanel, Hemingway and Proust – would certainly not feel out of place: the Ritz is still very much itself. There was no question of bringing in some trendy designer to turn its inimitable style upside down. The owners wished to preserve the soul of this unique place. The 71 suites and same number of rooms are still infused with the Grand Siècle spirit of the great hotel of the place Vendôme, with its timeless air of luxury à la française.

Ritz Paris

15 Place Vendôme, 75001, Paris Phone : +33 1 43 16 30 30
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Four restaurants (including L’Espadon, run by chef Nicolas Sale), four bars, a Salon Proust (open at tea time), the iconic swimming pool and the Chanel spa all add their distinctive touches to the Ritz experience so prized by the hotel’s devotees and sophisticated travelers. But what would a legendary establishment be without the people who run it? At the Ritz, we are delighted to see that Colin Field, the acclaimed barman of the Hemingway, is back. Chef Nicolas Sale had a brilliant start a the Ritz, with 2 Michelin stars for the gourmet La Table de L’Espadon and 1 star at Les Jardins de l’Espadon, opened for lunch in a covered patio. Served in the Ritz Bar Grand Jardin, a lush green oasis of more than 1,600 sq.m, sheltered by delightful alcoves nestled in the arbors, the daily dishes are prepared with market-fresh produce, according to his inspiration. Lulled by the crystal-clear, soothing sound of the fountain, savor one of eight “summer 2019” floral cocktails. In a cheeky nod to the garden of the Ritz Bar, the lemonade of the Hibiscus cocktail is served from a watering can! So Paris and the Ritz are ready to write a new chapter of their long, brilliant association in the history of French excellence.

By David Richard. Photos: Vincent Leroux. - Published the

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