Buly Past and present

A plaque at the entrance gives the passer by a whiff of what’s inside: Balzac is the origin of this dispensary… because the founder, Ramdane Touhami, while reading César Birotteau, came across the name of a beauty product company: Jean Vincent Bully (in the book, there are two “L”s). No sooner did he find the traces of this brand than he was quickly taken over by the desire to give it a new life “in his own juice”. The shop was made with the French know-how of the 17th and 18th centuries: marble, such as on the floors, and packaging such as those that were in vogue at the time. “But be careful, what interests us is what there is inside! We sell 400 oils from all over the world. Many beauty rituals are doomed to disappear, but our goal is to stop them, to protect them.” Perfume water, concrete ointment of beeswax, all made in France, Normandy to be exact, “because we believe in Made in France “. The dispensary is a great success, especially among foreigners.

Officine Buly 1803

6 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris Phone : 01 43 29 02 50
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