Seiko watches, in women’s time

The new models from Seiko’s Presage collection show that the great Japanese house continues to seduce more and more women with its elegant watches. Chic and urban, the timepieces of the Presage Cocktail Time collection will make life sparkle.

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And women’s time has returned. Has he ever left, to be honest? For Seiko watches not, even if the image of the great Japanese house in the French mind is (wrongly) rather that of a signature watch dedicated to men. Truncated vision, perhaps born from the many technological advances of which this essential brand dating back to 1881 marked its history, whether it is the first quartz watches in 1969, with six-digit LCD display in 1973, with television in 1982, voice recorder in 1983, or with computer functions the following year, recording hours in electronic ink in 2006, etc. So many technological prowess that could suggest that the taste for innovation of Seiko watches was mainly aimed at men. Obviously, this is not the case, so let us shake up this misconception and see how Seiko thinks with the same demands and refinement his female models, who have their own identity, their own language and message. Like the ones in the Presage collection.



This model is inspired by the Sky Diving cocktail, whose light texture recalls the blue sky.

Price: 550 €


Japan is a specific philosophy of life, respect for the past and time, the ancestral anchorage in a land and a way of thinking different existence, particular sensitivity… This emotion, this sense of a relationship with the times more peaceful, the Presage line claims and magnifies them. The three automatic watches with enamel dials, designed in 2021 by Mitsuru Yokosawa and its experienced craftsmen, carry the virtues of watchmaking from the heart as well as the soul. Beauty, depth and texture of enamel, whose soft shine attracts the eye and calms the mind while conveying a feeling of serenity or longevity, are at the heart of these models. To see high-performance watch models using Japanese craftsmanship is to be seen as a convergence of the best and the best.

The three new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time watches available since 2023 – with metal strap, 30mm steel case, vintage-style curved glass, eight-diamond dial and spike index finger, 2R05 calibre – put the elegance of this range under the spell of sport.chic. The whole blended with a zest of exuberance, word adapted to the inspiration of the trio where each dial inlaid evokes the color of a known cocktail.



This model is inspired by the White Lady cocktail. The dial, indexes, hands and gold bracelet are sparkling.

Price: 600 €


The Seiko Sky Diving watch takes the sky blue of the eponymous cocktail based on curaçao, rum and lime), created in 1967 by Yoshiyuki Watanabe of Osaka. Clover Club features a pink dial and rose gold hands and indexes, a subtle reminder of the raspberry syrup of this gin and lemon cocktail that is on the International Bartenders Association’s list of “unforgettable”. As for the Seiko White Lady, it features a dial, indexes, hands and gold strap that bring out the “sparkling” flavours of this blend (gin, triple dry, lime) invented in 1919 at the famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Like the greatest mixologists, Seiko knows the art of flavouring alloys that give a smile while remaining good aloi. Thus, the bracelet with five rows of mirrors catches the eye but without ostentation, a discreet charm and also good aloi.

Femininity, according to the Japanese brand, does not prevent pure fun. Isn’t that the true meaning of happiness, and the true message of Presage?



Inspired by the Clover Club cocktail, this watch features a white dial and rose gold hands and indexes.

Price: 575 €




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