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Hamburgers Asian Style

Different catering chains and Parisian restaurants – including some with starred chefs – have already reexamined the hamburger from every angle. One might have thought the fashion would finally end… but not at all! Now a merry band of four friends and even a great Japanese chef have brought us their own take on the legendary ‘sandwich from Hamburg’, adding culinary delights from the Land of the Rising Sun, such as shiso, teriyaki sauce, wasabi and shitakes.

Our favorite : Shiso Burger

On a trip to Berlin, Lucas, Antonin, Christophe and Thien (four exuberant chums who are fans of both burgers and manga culture) discovered Shiso Burger. The young quartet loved the idea and brought it back to France, opening a first restaurant on the quays of the Seine opposite Notre Dame Cathedral in the spring of 2016. Their eatery is comfortable and welcoming with its soft lighting, paneled walls, birdcages suspended from the ceiling and wooden tables with large banquettes. In fact it is the perfect place to enjoy their excellent Signature burgers (from €9 to €12), prepared before your eyes in an open kitchen and served in large dim-sum style bamboo baskets. We truly adored our bulgogi burger made with marinated Angus beef, red onion, Korean chili sauce, teriyaki sauce and mayo and cheddar chili, as well as its coastal cousin: the shiso burger with its marinated tuna, shiso, salad, red onion, coriander, chili mayo and teriyaki sauce. They are truly delicious when accompanied by house fries or sweet potatoes, coleslaw, edamame, kimchi and other delights. From €3.50 to €5.

11:30am to 11:30pm
Open daily
Average price: €15-20.

Motto Burger

44 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008, Paris Phone : +33 9 81 27 77 16
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Shiso Burger

21 Quai Saint-Michel, 75005, Paris Phone : +33 1 77 16 96 93
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The challenger : Motto Burger

A stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées, this new urban canteen with its refined, minimalist décor is the work of Fred Muller in partnership with Yasuo Nanaumi, a Franco-Japanese chef who formerly practiced his art in the kitchens of the Moulin de Mougins and the Lucas-Carton. Inspired by street food from the working class neighborhoods of Tokyo, the menu includes half a dozen burgers (from €9.90 to €10.90), such as the Ginza (beef teriyaki, cheese, arugula, corn salad, chives, Chioggia beet and shitake) or the Shinjuku (pork in breadcrumbs, tonkatsu sauce, yuzu, cabbage, carrot, corn salad, chives, Chioggia beet). Mini-buns and gyozas (from €2.90 to €4.90) are also available as starters or side dishes. There is a burger + side dish + soda option from €12.90 to €13.90).

11:30am to 10pm
Closed Sunday
Average price: € 15.

By David Richard & Manuel Mariani. - Published the

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