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Nanashi at the Carreau du Temple

The city’s second Nanashi store has opened on the corner of rue Charlot and rue du Forez.

This down-to-earth Asian eatery with a loft feel, vintage chairs and bare tables, welcomes you with crates of vegetables in a “you wanted authentic, you got it!” kinda way. And then you instantly fall under the charm of a tall young man called Akia with a smile as appetizing as the menu… which is the other original selling point of this spacious joint – its really on-target mix of Japanese and Parisian cuisine.

Parisian lovers of Japanese food never fail to mention, with a quiver in their voice, the beautiful vegetarian, fish and meat bento boxes, spring rolls with sweet chili sauce, soya milk, tofu burgers and the tangy choco-yuzu fondant cake and floral saké, before wondering, with a twinkle in their eye, what’s tastier: the dishes or their names. It certainly works for us!

Nanashi Restaurant The Marais

57, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris.
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By Viviane Blassel and Dominique Millérioux. Photos: Stéphanie Slama. - Published the

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