The Ritz Bar reinvents itself with panache!

Spectacular, a 2m.50 brass lantern developing a fresco of zodiacal constellations now sits at the heart of the new Ritz Bar. Every evening at 5:30 pm she rises to the ceiling and radiates stars in homage to the magic of the divinatory sciences. This ritual like a show of sounds and lights orchestrated by Polo and Pan, a merry duo of French electro DJs, marks the beginning of an enchanted parenthesis. The card of twelve signature cocktails is a delight, reflecting the intriguing personality of the flamboyant lion, a gallant cancer, an impetuous ram… Gourmet tapas and 40 exceptional spirits references add to the wonder of a dreamlike experience. Zest of fantasy this luxurious Belle Époque setting of 80m2. promises to be the hot spot for night birds!

Ritz Bar

38 rue Cambon, 75001 Paris
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