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Parisian beauty tech fever

The skin reveals many of our behaviours and lifestyles. Acting on them allows us to find a radiant, healthy epidermis, a natural beauty carried by non-invasive rupture technologies, which have made their entrance in Parisian centers of care and aesthetics of a new kind. Multidisciplinary, because inspired by holistic, they act on all fronts by combining nutrition, cosmetics and high-tech.

Maison Epigenetic

4, rue Cimarosa, 16e Paris
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111Skin au Bvlgari Hotel Paris

30, avenue George V, 8e Paris
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Cible Skin

31, rue François Ier, 8e Paris
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SeeMy Cosmetics

9, rue de la Trémoille, 8e Paris
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11, rue du Faubourg- Saint-Honoré, 8e Paris
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La Maison myBlend

23, rue Debelleyme, 3e Paris
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Since the pandemic, the beauty sector has experienced a revolution, both in terms of principles, with a surge of natural, organic, ethical products, and innovation, with ritualized and individualized care that hybridizes the gesture of the expert and cutting-edge technology. And on this aspect, we must give back to Carita what belongs to Carita: a vision of holistic, global beauty that is not new. Carita is the stallion of this new stable of beauty institutes 4.0, a pioneer who introduced instrumental cosmetics in beauty rituals six decades ago, combining meticulous gestures with machines based on micro-currents. Pro. Morphose R. F, which is now part of the 11 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré show, is the sixth and latest generation of devices using radio frequency energy. Equipped with the eight-time patented 3 DEEP technology, this device is designed to stimulate collagen production, permanently blur wrinkles, redraw the oval, plump, redensify and illuminate the radiant healthy skin.

Today’s beauty is based on epigenetics, a science brought to light in 1942 by British geneticist Conrad Waddington, who studies the influence of the environment on gene expression. Beauty is seen as the mirror of physical and moral health, the reflection of its inner balance, of what we eat, of its way of life, of its environment.Rarely alone, but well accompanied by nutrition (diet and dietary supplements) and cosmetic care, the technology holds a place of choice in the care protocols based on epigenetics offered by beauty salons 4.0. These include cold, infrared or LED lasers, radio frequency and ultrasounds, phototherapy, cryolipolysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, as at Maison Epigenetic, where data processing allows to obtain its biological age, preamble to the coaching and care that will be recommended.


Our highly sophisticated digital platform aggregates and processes customer data and provides a reliable element of comparison with large biomedical data datasets around the world, allowing us to determine a viable and reproducible biological age, which serves as a model for measuring progress and evolution,” explains Henri-Nicolas Olivier, co-founder and scientific director of Maison Epigenetic. Optimization pathways are based on the five pillars of epigenetics: nutrition and nutrition, physical activity, socialization, state of mind (mental and moral) and environment (external aggressions). It is therefore on all these planes that we act in this center installed between the Star and the Trocadéro, thought of as a cocoon, endowed with ten treatment rooms, a restaurant of “living” and vegan cuisine steered by Irene Banas, and state-of-the-art appliances like the Vasper, that allows you to exercise while balancing your hormonal balance. In terms of aesthetics, everything starts here with an assessment, via a scan of the face that scrutinizes the skin in its smallest details (wrinkles and fine lines, dilated pores, pigment spots, acne scars), before defining a program adapted to the menu, individualized, supported by the most advanced technologies: cold laser, LED, radiofrequency and ultrasound, phototherapy, cryolipolysis, micro-needling… We practice individualized and very precise holistic practices, using the latest advances in science and new technologies that improve the longevity in good health through prevention, because we now know that 90% of chronic diseases linked to senescence can either be postponed or avoided by taking the measures that go well», adds Henri-Nicolas Olivier.

Dr Olivier Courtin, the son of Clarins founder Jacques Courtin, had an early insight into the importance of epigenetics, how the environment and lifestyle affect our inner and outer health, including healing. He founded the myBlend brand in 2007, probably several trains ahead. It is reborn in 2022, driven by a winning combo: Derma + Nutri + Tech. Dermatology, nutrients, and non-invasive technologies (infra- red Led, cryotherapy, radiofrequency, electroporation and electrostimulation) In fact, they act in symbiosis to strengthen our defenses and give us the weapons to combat external aggressions in beauty. Its method is based on a free online diagnosis – mySkinDiag – to propose a custom-made routine, based on cosmetic care (formulated by the Clarins laboratories), home nutritional supplements, and Led photobiomodulation sessions or Led masks, an exclusive practice in the cabin at the myBlend institute in the Marais. By perfectly embracing the full and the hollow of the face, this device also available for sale, acts on the stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis.

The promise is identical, and kept, to the Maison de la Peau Cible Skin, rue François I, whose Cult Illuminator and Detox treatment acts as a miracle on stains, dilated pores, marks of time. We find her baby skin and her most beautiful complexion in seven chrono steps, initiated by a 3D diagnosis, to analyze the texture and elasticity of the epidermis, the depth of wrinkles and fine lines, the rate of hydration and sebum, melanin and collagen. The technology – Carboxytherapy, Cryotherapy, Bioled – is present at almost every stage of this treatment, combined with a very wide range of patented cosmetics developed by doctors, based on immuno-cosmetics.

Another high-tech destination, the spa at the Bvlgari hotel Paris is the most beautiful setting for innovative 111Skin products, directly inspired by plastic surgery. In addition to facial treatments, X-Skin Advanced Cellular Therapy targets various skin problems such as aging, loss of tone, scarring or acne, by combining Led light therapy, radio frequency and ultrasound.

It is finally a patented device that is a hit in Paris, imported from Korea by Élodie Raheria, founder of the SeeMy institute. The Air-Brush Ruby-Cell, a draining aerial massage machine developed by dermatologists, sprays for fifteen minutes a homemade cocktail of active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides) and plant stem cells (centenary ginseng, criste-marine, edelweiss) nanodroplet. The solution penetrates immediately into fibroblasts producing collagen, elastin and reticulin, rebooting the cells, moisturizing the skin that regains all its hold, its radiance, its health with an immediate and lasting visible effect. This Korean lift is incorporated into an Energizing Ritual of one hour and ten minutes, consisting of a series of massages, Guasha-based pressure points, white and green jade, but it can also be adopted for its daily routine, the machine and light bulbs being sold on theSeeMy shop. Indeed, the future of beauty is also at home-device, at home, because as Henri-Nicolas Olivier, co-founder of Maison Epigenetic, points out: The triptych beauty, health, well-being is inseparable and the ongoing developments give everyone the means and tools to continuously control and improve these three aspects. Holistic is a whole, and you can’t be beautiful without feeling good.”

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