Noble Panacea : a scientific revolution in beauty

The cosmetics brand Noble Panacea stands as a true feat in skincare, combining scientific rigor with exceptional results. Founded by Sir Fraser Stoddart, a 2016 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, this brand is based on a revolutionary discovery: Organic Super Molecular Vessel Technology (OSMVTM). This innovation lies at the heart of every product offered by Noble Panacea, significantly enhancing effectiveness, as proven by in-vitro clinical tests. OSMVTM technology stands out for its ability to encapsulate active ingredients and release them directly into skin cells. This process enhances the potency of formulas up to tenfold, ensuring unprecedented skincare results. Key features of OSMVTM include protection of active ingredients from external attacks and cross-interactions, extremely precise ingredient release for maximum skin absorption, and a programmed release sequence that optimizes the potency of active ingredients and the overall formula. True to its commitment to responsible beauty, each element of the packaging is designed to be durable and plastic-free, aligning with the brand’s values. Available in France at Le Bon Marché’s beauty department, Noble Panacea is sure to captivate those who seek high-end skincare that combines science with environmental respect.

Noble Panacea - Institut le Bon Marché

24 Rue de Sèvres, Paris 7th
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