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Grouvie, or the art of Paris’s most festive cocktails

While the Brasserie des Prés was one of the most sought-after dining spots this summer, it now boasts a bar that’s equally popular. Located on the establishment’s second floor, Grouvie offers a cocktail menu with an original twist: classic French cuisine and pastries inspire the delicious beverages crafted by Jennifer Le Nechet, the 2016 World Best Bartender. Grouvie, with its unmistakably seventies and disco decor featuring disco balls and mirrored ceilings, hosts live music from artists, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am. Let’s dance (and drink) !

Grouvie Second floor of Brasserie des Prés

6, cours du Commerce-Saint-André, 6th.
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