Precious by Clarins A Gem for Your Skin

Clarins’ researchers have harnessed the protective and regenerative properties of ‘the queen of the night’
– a rare (in every sense) tropical flower – in their Precious skincare line. Precious is 100% French
and made up of more than 90% natural, traceable ingredients. Eco-responsible right down to its recycled packaging, it is the fruit of a providential synergy between nature and science.

Skin ageing can be attributed to everyday stress, pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep and poor diet. All those factors combine to accelerate the process. But with the benefit of years of research, Clarins can now give our skin a second chance through the regenerative and protective powers of a flower called ‘the queen of the night’, harnessed in a remarkable skincare line consisting of a lotion, a face cream and another for the eyes. The ephemeral flower of a plant also known as the Dutchman’s pipe cactus has a heady perfume. Its large corolla (up to 40cm in diameter) only blooms once a year when the long petals unfold in the moonlight, explaining its scientific name, Selenicereus grandiflorus, a reference to the Moon goddess Selene. Native to Central America, it is not just rare because it only flowers annually, but also due to its ability to activate FoxO longevity proteins (plentiful in coral especially), which are able to counteract the phenomenon of oxy-inflamm-aging, responsible for oxidative stress. That effect leads to the excessive production of free radicals, which weaken cells and trigger an inflammatory reaction. That in turn increases oxidative stress. The consequent unending vicious circle harms the skin barrier and can be 80% responsible for its ageing.

For fifteen years, Clarins has been growing ‘queen of the night’ plants in Brittany, in a 6,000 sq.m. cactus house at a stable temperature of 3°C. Harvesting is a challenge: staff have only two hours to pick the flowers when they come to full bloom, reaching the peak of their fullness and molecular abundance. They are then immediately frozen and subjected to a cryoextraction process. Immersion in a bath of liquid nitrogen at -196°C provides Clarins with a cryoextract, the key active ingredient of the Precious line.

They have enhanced that magical anti-ageing formula with a trio of peptides chosen for their reparative effect on the signs of passing time, together with plant extracts that have moisturizing, firming and nourishing properties; like medicinal kalanchoe, acerola seeds, oat sugars, white horehound, oil of camellia, nipplewort, albizia and furcellaria algae. The miraculous interaction of all these active ingredients restores skin elasticity and tone, and a glowing complexion, from the first applications of the silky, nourishing, light cream, subtly perfumed with a touch of peony and musky wooded notes by Grasse master perfumer Dorothée Piot. After 28 days of use, more than 80% of women feel their skin is firmer, denser and more radiant.To optimize the efficacy of the ritual, Clarins has also developed an ergonomic massage tool whose form, surfaces, hollows, ridges and textures resemble the palm of the hand and pads of the fingers.The Precious line is also part of the treatment provided at Clarins Spas, where it is administered using a method perfected by facialist Marie Depoulain. Its sensory choreography com- bines the hands and instrument, alternate heat and cold, smoothing, vibration and tapping. n

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  • Precious La Lotion Age-Defying Treatment Essence, 150ml; €115.
  • Precious La Crème Age-Defying Moisturizer, 50ml; €360.
  • Precious La Crème Yeux Age-Defying Eye Cream, 15ml; €150.
  • Clarins Precious facial massage tool, €55.
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