Valmont, the science of nature

A revolutionary eye contour treatment that brightens the eye in fifteen minutes and returns its youth in a few weeks, a eau de toilette designed as a concentrate of happiness, which would have captured the grace in a bottle... Valmont celebrates spring with two creations that combine innovation, science and biomimicry, inspired by the resources of nature, and each in their own way, sublimate women.

This spring announces a beautiful month- its of products Valmont, tenante house of Swiss cellular cosmetics for nearly four decades, become meanwhile an artist of the high perfumery. And this flowering begins precisely with a new gay and mutine feminine fragrance, imagined by Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont and editor of perfumes Storie Veneziane by Valmont, bottled by master perfumer Véronique Dupont. It is the happiness of moments shared with loved ones, the quintessence of these suspended moments that the two women transcribed in the Cutie Pear, the latest in the Palazzo Nobile collection. Elegant, subtle and gour- mande, it delivers a floral and fruity score, like a pretty month of May, orchestrated at the head by the rhubarb that softens the juicy fondant of the pear. Around this first imprint, come to wrap in the heart the silky and sunny floral notes of the scent pea, married to the lightness of green tea, like a spring breeze loaded with fragrant memories, before the woody and milky sandalwood delivers its sweet message in its wake.

La Maison Valmont

6, rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris Phone : 01 44 58 69 77
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On the cosmetic side, Valmont addresses our gaze, from which springs the reflection of our balance. Youth, freshness, vitality or on the contrary fatigue, stress, bad habits can be read in dark circles that the new eye contour care DetO2x Eye promises to erase, fighting both environmental pollution and the toxins that choke the skin. DetO2x Eye brings to this fragile area an air as pure as that of the Swiss Alps – where the headquarters of Valmont is located – thanks to the O2 complex which concentrates a derivative of perfluorocarbon and a plant extract of the capucine (a superhydrophobic plant with self-cleaning power) that combine in synergy to re-oxygenate the skin. To this revolutionary formula, Valmont Laboratories add triple DNA – the in-house signature that maintains and stimulates skin’s moisture, protection and cellular dynamism – as well as stem cells from the Swiss apple Uttwiler Spätlauber. This rare variety – from which Valmont has extracted a liposome from stem cells – is a miracle of nature as it keeps long without losing its flavor or taking a wrinkle. The whole is concentrated in an ethereal and creamy texture like whipped cream, and sold as Cutie Pear eau de toilette in the boutique La Maison Valmont, 6 rue de Castiglione, which communicates directly with the Valmont spa of the Hotel Le Meurice. This beautiful Parisian window under the arcades was decorated by Didier Guillon, president and artistic director of the group and, moreover, a great art collector at the head of Fondation Valmont in Venice. He dotted the place, warm and intimate, with exceptional pieces. Because in the heart of La Maison Valmont, beauty passes through all the senses, it feeds on everything and especially the joy of admiring a beautiful object.

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