A legacy of love : unveiling Harry Winston’s latest bridal jewels

In a world where moments are fleeting and memories are cherished, the bridal collection by Harry Winston stands as a beacon of everlasting elegance. The iconic jewelry house, known for adorning royals and Hollywood’s elite with its exquisite gemstones, has once again outdone itself with a bridal line that encapsulates love, commitment, and unmatched beauty.

Harry Winston

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From the humble pledge of love – a pear-shaped gemstone presented to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton – to the legendary engagement ring – the Lesotho III diamond given to Jacqueline Kennedy by Aristotle Onassis – Harry Winston’s diamonds have played significant roles in the greatest romances of our time. Each engagement ring from this prestigious house inspires a profound sense of pride, backed by decades of tradition and expertise. With the acquisition of a Harry Winston engagement ring, the storied heritage of the brand becomes intimately intertwined with the love story of those who choose it. The Harry Winston engagement rings are crafted to celebrate the diamond itself, enhancing its beauty and rarity without oversha- dowing it. Whether adorned with side stones or standing alone, each diamond is chosen with the utmost care for its quality and its ability to complement and enhance the central gemstone. The setting, meticulously designed and handcrafted by Harry Winston’s jewelers, reveals the soul of the diamond, marrying classic and contemporary elegance with absolute sophistication. Crafted in platinum, the settings secure the stones with minimal metal, maximizing the fire, brilliance, and sparkle of each diamond. Harry Winston’s iconic double-prong setting, a hallmark of the house, is sculpted and polished to blend seamlessly with the ring’s lines, ensuring the stone’s security.

The platinum surfaces of every engagement ring, including the prongs and under
gallery, are polished to a mirror-like finish, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that is synonymous with Harry Winston. This commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the ring, from the carefully examined fit to the HW hallmark and the indication of the metal’s fineness and the carat weight of the soli- taire. No detail is overlooked, ensuring that each ring meets the highest and strictest standards of quality. Within this breathtaking collection, the Classic Winston Engagement Ring stands out with its iconic emerald-cut diamonds, sleek lines, and sophisticated silhouette. Adorned with symmetrical baguette side stones, it epitomizes timeless chic and the signature elegance of the house. The collection also introduces the HW Logo Engagement Rings, a modern symbol of love that incorporates the initials of Harry Winston in a design that nods to both the heritage of the brand and the union of husband and wife. Each ring in this collection is handcrafted to accentuate the natural beauty and purity of the selec- ted diamond. Harry Winston’s bridal collection is more than just jewelry; it is a celebration of love’s most significant moments, a testament to the brand’s legacy of crafting unique engagement rings that tell a story as distinct and precious as the diamonds they hold.

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