The couture spirit by Graff

In ancient Rome, the knot was represented by a ring made of two iron rods given for engagement. This motif then became particularly popular in the 19th century, an era fond of sentimental patterns. Today, the knot has become are curring the me in jewelry, a sort of indispensable stylistic exercise, with many houses striving to recreate the flexibility and voluptuousness of textile ornamentations placed on the necklines or belts of haute couture dresses. In the realm of high jewelry, the knot has often been portrayed as formal, subdued, stiff, and stylized. «We were determined that ours would be entirely realistic» explains Anne-Eva Geffroy, Design Director at Graff. This vision gave birth to the Tilda’s Bow collection, which has become one of the jeweler’s hallmark signatures. But why a knot? Because its imagery evokes femininity, delicacy, and sensuality. Graff ’s collection captures the precise moment a woman ties a silk ribbon around her dress’s waist, in her hair, or on the handle of her purse. The design interprets a knot as a band of soft fabric, thus creating a loose and natural shape that highlights the expressive movement accompanying it. The curves of this masterful line grace necklaces, rings, earrings, and precious watches. Once adorned, they leave a «haute couture effect» on wrists, ears, hands, and necklines. Imagined as pieces of high jewelry and everyday jewelry, the Tilda’s Bow creations feature multiple sizes that play on the volumes of this timeless motif. Each loop comes to life, set with white diamonds by the master artisans at Graff ’s London workshops. The latest additions to the Tilda’s Bow collection showcase multiple sizes of white diamonds and introduce pear shapes that enhance a pendant and a pair of clips. A new choker necklace joins the Tild’a Bow family, set with over 13 carats of flawlessly white gems. Complex joints have been integrated into the handmade white gold setting to maximize the play of light on the diamonds when worn. Indeed, the Tilda’s Bow collection continues to forge precious bonds with diamond lovers.


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