David Morris : heading for the Riviera

Immerse yourself in the exquisite opulence of David Morris’s latest Riviera jewelry collection, a stunning celebration of luxury and glamour.

David Morris, the esteemed London jeweler established in 1962, has unveiled its latest master- piece—the Riviera Collection. This exquisite array embodies a contemporary reinterpretation of classic jewelry, designed to be the cornerstone of a modern woman’s jewelry collection. Inspired by the elegance and versatility of the river necklace, the Riviera Collection masterfully blends the sparkling brilliance of round brilliant-cut diamonds with the brand’s signature pink sapphires. Each piece in the collection exudes a natural elegance yet remains wearable, epitomizing the timeless chic of the cosmopolitan seaside destinations of the French and Italian Riviera—synonymous with luxury and glamour.

David Morris

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The collection features a range of contemporary designs that can be worn alone or layered with other Riviera pieces, including necklaces, a bracelet, and hoop earrings, available in white diamonds or a mix of diamonds and pink sapphires. The centerpiece of the collection is the Riviera spring bracelet, show- casing David Morris’s signature spring mechanism integrated into a sleek bracelet design. This complex spring system offers surprising flexibility and comfort, making the bracelet a standout addition. The Riviera necklace adorns the neckline with a cascade of diamonds, featuring a sliding clasp that allows for adjustable lengths. In the hoop earrings, the graduated weight of the diamonds highlights their voluminous beauty, curving elegantly around the earlobe, sparkling from every angle.

Jeremy Morris, CEO and Artistic Director of David Morris, remarks on the collection, «Riviera is our interpretation of a classic river necklace. Highlighting gemstones that have been part of our repertoire from the very beginning, the diamonds and pink sapphires are set in finely crafted, tapered silhouettes that rest lightly on the skin and are incredibly easy to wear. These contemporary streamlined creations embody our definition of time- less at David Morris.» With its boutiques in the Middle East and flagship stores in London and Paris, David Morris continues to create unique and imaginative pieces to exacting standards, combining rare and exquisite stones with traditional craftsmanship. The Riviera Collection, therefore, not only carries forward the legacy of David Morris but also promises to transcend generations with its creativity, ingenuity, and breathtaking gems.

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