Nestled at the intersection of rue des Archives and de la Verrerie within the prestigious Le Grand Mazarin hotel, a new culinary star rises in Paris: Boubalé. Designed by Maisons Pariente, this gem invites diners on a sensory and emotional journey through the flavors of Eastern Europe and Jerusalem. Boubalé, a tender Yiddish diminutive for «grandmother,» reflects the love of Ashkenazi families for their grandmothers, revealed through generous portions that nourish both body and soul. Israeli Michelin-starred chef Assaf Granit pays tribute to this rich and often overlooked heritage with dishes that marry the authenticity of traditional recipes with a contemporary and refined presentation. At Boubalé, every detail— from the frescoed ceilings to the hand-engraved crystal glassware—is meticulously selected. The menu daringly reinterprets Ashkenazi classics, turning humble dishes into glamorous and covetable creations. From Poland to Israel, handed-down recipes are revitalized through Chef Granit’s unique vision. Sundays feature a brunch (€72) with a buffet of fresh products and Ashkenazi specialties, including traditional schnitzel and chopped liver, alongside a selection of delicate dishes like borekas and eggs Benedict, all crafted by executive chef Itamar Gargi. Boubalé is more than a restaurant; it’s a gathering place where each visit becomes a celebration, with music filling the air and guests dancing around tables in a spirit of camaraderie and shared joy.

  • Open daily : 12pm to 2:30pm, 7pm to 1am
  • Average price : €80 


6 Rue des Archives, Paris 4e Phone : 07 81 45 41 58
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