Nestled in the heart of SoPi, Pristine is the result of a meeting between two culinary talents, Michelle Primc and Jérémy Grosdidier. Michelle, from Luxembourg, and Jérémy, from Nancy who trained under great chefs including Alain Ducasse, have merged their experiences to create a menu that respects their values: freshness, proximity, and originality. With a focus on local and eco-friendly gastronomy, the majority of ingredients used come from the Ile-de-France region, except for the organic spices imported from Cambodia. Here, the vegetables, often irregular and overlooked by large distributors for their odd shapes, are given a place of honor, enhanced by the chef’s creativity: burned, smoked, roasted, raw, fermented, or even transformed into sorbet. But Pristine does not limit itself to a vegetarian offering, featuring quality products like organic chicken from l’Orée de Milly or trout from the Pisciculture de Villette. The restaurant engages in a fight against food waste, offering communal, generous plates (count on 4 per person). The atmosphere at Pristine mirrors its cuisine: relaxed and comforting. The mimosa egg with squash (€7), the mushroom tart with hazelnut, tonka, dressing (€14), the ugly burned carrots with buckwheat honey, poached egg, and coriander (€14), or the faisselle cheese ice cream with crumble, Timut pepper, caramel (€7) all stand up well. The decor, intentionally raw and minimalist, aligns with their philosophy of simplicity and authenticity. Lunch menu at €25 and €28.

  • 12pm to 2pm and 7pm to 11pm
  • Open daily
  • Average price: €50



8, rue Maubeuge, 9th Phone : 09 55 67 47 54
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