Hôtel de la Marine welcomes Le Cordon Bleu

The iconic Hôtel de la Marine, a historic landmark on Place de la Concorde that housed the naval ministry and later the naval staff for over two centuries, is turning a new page by welcoming Le Cordon Bleu. The institution, which has been teaching French culinary techniques across the globe for over 125 years, will now offer workshops, private lessons, and culinary and wine demonstrations within the apartments of the majestic building. A fitting setting as navigation has historically spread French culinary creativity and facilitated the discovery of numerous products such as black tea from India, plantains from the West Indies, tonka beans from French Guiana, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and spices from the East and Americas.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris Hôtel de la Marine

2, place de la Concorde, 8th Phone : 01 59 03 50 00
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