Outboxe, a place “IN”

Toby Huntington-Whitheley, a British model and emblematic figure of made in London boxing, has set up his boxing studio in Paris. Here, no ring or fight, but a full and balanced training. In the basement, in a black room lit with green neon lights (coach’s favorite color) that change to blue, red during the session, the 50-minute program consists of 50% fitness and cardio exercises (pumps, squats, board, with dumbbells) and 50% hit on aquabag through various sequences of hits (direct, upperctut, etc.). A set or fitness in music that, according to Outboxe, burns 600 to 900 calories, an argument supposed to motivate followers of the slim body. The most of the venue: sessions limited to 16 people for personalized follow-up without being individual. After working out and sweating, we go back to the ground floor for a drink at the juice bar or to buy at the Outboxe store clothing and accessories derived from the brand, food supplements, books… on boxing.



13, rue de la Sourdrière, 75001 Paris
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