A precious Mediterranean Odyssey

Bulgari unveils its new high jewelry collection “Mediterranea” created with exceptional colored stones. These almost supernatural unique creations highlight the bold creativity and exceptional craftsmanship of the Roman jeweler.


23-25, place Vendôme, 1st
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The richness of the lands, seas, and skies of the Mediterranean inspire the Italian jeweler for its new high jewelry collection. «It pays tribute to the beauty and spirit of the Mediterranean in all its forms,» says Lucia Silvestri, artistic director of Bulgari jewelry. «For me, the Mediterranean region awakens all the senses and is a real source of inspiration. The architecture, nature, people… I see beauty everywhere. It’s an inspiring melting pot where many different cultures and societies have mingled and mutually enriched each other over the centuries. Our sense of hospitality and openness of mind find their roots in this history.»

This virtuoso collection is dizzying: 180 unique creations, 90 of which exceed one million euros! Cascades of emeralds and mandarin garnets, tassels of sapphires or engraved turquoises, cabochons of sapphires and extraordinary yellow diamonds, citrines, mother-of-pearl, and onyx create enthusiasm. The pieces are gathered around three universes: the baroque opulence of southern Italy, the East and the West, and Roman splendor. Waves of aquamarines and pear diamonds combined around a central cushion- cut sapphire of 15.13 carats of the Mediterranean Muse necklace evoke the vigor of the Mediterranean Sea. As for the Roman Esedra sautoir, evoking the timeless architecture of Rome, it stands out for its magnetic 68.88-carat emerald set on a hexagonal pendant.This necklace features a harmonious alliance of gems, from emeralds to turquoises, including amethysts.


The unique combination of colours, also found on the yellow gold chain, reflects the exuberant coloured signature of the house. The Emerald Lotus necklace fuses East and West and expresses the aesthetics of Indian spirituality in the form of jewelry creation.The wave-shaped design evokes the deeply symbolic lotus flower and revolves around an emerald of over 37 carats, placed horizontally to symbolize the ‘third eye’. Italian landscapes inspire colour combinations that refer to the pink tones of Naples or the limestone white of the Puglia region.

Finally, the eye is mesmerized by a rare Colombian emerald cut in a sugar loaf of almost 220 carats mounted on a choker. The house was challenged to design a creation that compensates for the weight of the stone with an airy lightness while enhancing its extraordinary appeal. With the help of two master craftsmen, Lucia Silvestri succeeded in imagining a unique structure that elegantly and sophisticatedly enhances the removable central pendant. To add even more modernity to the necklace, the artistic director also designed a sautoir set with an emerald and a South Sea pearl, which gives versatility to this jewel with multiple wear possibilities. As usual, Bulgari adorns its flagship creation, Serpenti, with the most precious stones and materials. The reptile, which has animated the house’s collections for 75 years, distills its lascivious sinuosities through multiple unique pieces. It encircles the neckline with the Baroque Serpenti necklace, whose diamond head is framed by seven divine drops of cabochon-cut emeralds. Or, winding around the finger, the serpent’s head of this diamond ring is here topped with a mesmerizing sapphire. The Roman house does not forget the watches. Dive into the underwater depths of the Mediterranean with the secret Giardino Marino Piccolo and Grande watches.

The latter stands out for a combination of fish, shells, anemones mounted on tremblers, mobile corals, and decorated pearls. A starfish is adorned with a central cabochon of rubellite of 3.96 carats, and a shell paved with diamonds and Paraíba tourmalines. Both removable, they can be worn as earrings in addition to the watch. Another shell paved with sapphires opens by pressing on the round diamond, revealing a pearl inside. The precious undulations of the Serpenti Misteriosi Pallini and Dragone models wind around the wrist and the beginning of the forearm. The second creation is inspired by the Serpenti watch created by Bulgari for Elizabeth Taylor when she held the lead role in Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Cleopatra. Adorned with diamonds and emeralds, the serpent’s head opens by pressing on the tongue to reveal a dial that can be easily turned, allowing the timepiece to be worn on the left or right wrist, as allowed by the historical piece.

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