Chopard Red carpet fairy tale

Stardom and ethical jewelry on film and red carpet. This could be summed up by the elective affinity forged over the past twenty-six years between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival. A partnership that, edition after edition, succeeds in renewing itself and, always, marveling. An alchemy between exceptional jewellery, masterpieces of the 7th art and lasting cultural friendships that Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, has agreed to present to us.



A miracle is already rare. So imagine: twenty-six! What is more, in two fields as demanding, scrutinized, as the 7th art and the high jewellery! For 26 years, Chopard has been the privileged accomplice of the Cannes Film Festival, an accomplice who, edition after edition, designs and produces the mythical Palme d’Or, gives its own trophies to future actresses and actors, organizes the most popular festivals of the Croisette, shows on the red carpet a credits of stars, top models, celebrities to make all the casting directors dream. Idols that display, like an apotheosis of fine crafts, the dozens of unique pieces that the jeweler has designed and manufactured for the occasion. The meaning of the word partner, adapted to designate the collaboration between this flagship event and the Swiss house, has evolved so much over time and the friendship generated by this union of beauty that it has taken on a more intimate and stronger meaning. Henceforth, from the partner in the economic sense, a kind of social pact, we have moved on to the partner of the heart, to that “partner” of couples who know how to grow together for the benefit of each one. A true miracle, everyone will agree, when we think of the number of unions that fail to make it through time because its members do not know how to respect themselves, train themselves or grow together. Elective affinities are worth all long-term loves when they are also fertile.

And it is not Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard who will say the contrary, she who lives, vibrates to the rhythm of the Cannes Film Festival. She thinks about it constantly, driven by an insatiable curiosity as by the desire to rise to the top of the jewellery arts, drawing from her travels, the attendance of artists, her culture, a taste for creation that gives birth to impressive jewels. From May 16 to 27, seventy-six plays (like the number of editions of Cannes) will be presented, which will open a festival of fairy and ethical carats, The house has become the spearhead of a jewelry shop that uses materials stamped sustainable development and respectful of the people who extract and work them. A “Journey to sustainable luxury”, which allows only ethical gold to be used in Chopard’s Swiss workshops and which has recently seen a commitment to use 80% recycled steel, called Lucent Steel, for watches in order to reduce their carbon footprint. These are all steps that make jewellery sold in stores and presented in Cannes even more precious, as the value of the heart adds a priceless soul to the house’s creations.

Creations that reflect the eclecticism of Caroline Scheufele’s sources of inspiration, her talent to «know how to catch a detail», to glean from museums, nature… all the fragments that will succeed in building the “essence” of a jewel. With the requirement to arouse a unique emotion, which arises as much from the visual impact as from the use of new materials such as titanium or new stone cuts. Examples? A short necklace composed of diamond feathers worked in light volutes, a jewelry cuff watch set with marquise-cut diamonds, brilliant, pear and sapphires with blue mother-of-pearl dial, a ring in white and yellow gold with pear-shaped yellow diamond,99 carats, another titanium set with a 15.98 carat oval-cut Paraïba tourmaline and heart-sized brilliant emeralds, etc. In short, a fireworks display of colors that the lucky ones of the Festival will have the privilege to admire. The star Julia Roberts, the house’s muse for all women’s and jewellery watch and jewelry collections and ambassador of a “feel good” campaign by James Gray, embodies the very essence of Chopard in twelve playful video clips, of humanity, combining virtuosity and joie de vivre, positive energy and defense of a radiant refinement. After 26 years, the magic of Cannes has allowed this umpteenth miracle: to make the brightest smile of the world cinema translate what makes the Chopard singularity. Which Caroline Scheufele – let’s finally give her the floor – can be proud of, like everything that has been undertaken in two and a half decades of shared passion and magnified creativity.



Since 1998, Chopard has been an integral part of the Cannes Film Festival. How do you assess this partnership?

A passionate cinephile, I must admit that our long-term relationship is particularly close to my heart: this partnership represents the alliance of different creative expressions, whether jewellery, fashion, design or cinema. Our collaboration with Cannes has strengthened over time; it is an immense pride to have been chosen!

Do you still remember great (or small) moments more than others?

All the years have given me unforgettable moments. I experienced countless suspended moments, extraordinary encounters, emotions and passion… To mention one rather than another would be reductive, even unfair. So I prefer to frustrate you on this point (laughter).

What developments have you seen in these 25 years?

Honestly, I feel like I grew up with the Cannes Film Festival, which is the most publicized event in the world every year. Imagine that for eleven days it becomes a scene unfolding before the international press, whose social networks have increased the impact. We are therefore honored that actresses love to wear our pieces and that after twenty-six years of such a beautiful collaboration the Chopard house is recognized as THE jeweler of the Cannes red carpet. It is the fruit of intense work. Taking care of our long-term relationship with celebrities is a course of action, just like with stylists who are delighted to discover the new Red Carpet collection edition after edition. The stars and top models trust us and appreciate, in addition to the beauty of the creations, our efforts for ethical and sustainable luxury. I myself am delighted to explain how we get there… As well as giving advice, sometimes, to certain personalities who select their dresses according to the fabulous pieces we present.

Julia Roberts, world star, is the face of all your feminine collections. It was filmed by James Gray for a series of clips showing Chopard’s singularity. How did this idea come about?

In addition to being, as I told you, an absolute fan of cinema, I am an absolute fan of James Gray. But who has never dreamed of walking behind the scenes of a Hollywood production? It is to this secret incursion that we wanted to invite the spectator. Since James Gray is a humanist who, within each of his productions, has the desire to retain what is essential to live in society, these values weave the fabric of the new campaign.We find fresh and spontaneous moments of pure joy, this joy that we wish to bear and that Julia Roberts embodies so well. A true, radiant joy that expresses respect for oneself, for others, for the world.

Thanks to you, the Palme d’Or, in addition to being a film award, has become a message. Redesigned in 1998, with Fairmined certified gold since 2014, set with diamonds in 2017 and 2022, it is ahead of opinion through the human commitments it represents. How did that happen?

The Palme d’Or embodies a symbolism that is dear to me: it illustrates my personal love for 7th art, and the fulfillment of a dream as a designer of fine jewellery. Since 1998, Chopard has been an official partner, which means that all the trophies awarded during the closing ceremony are realized in our workshops. Thanks to our journey towards sustainable luxury, we are also committed to the search for ethical luxury. The most coveted award for directors had to convey this message. The Cannes Film Festival joined the process and the Palme d’Or has evolved. Still today, it is the only film trophy made as a jewel, which is also in ethical gold certified Fairmined, artisanal gold extracted in a responsible way that reflects the hopes of a more reasoned world. You can love movies for fun, but also because sometimes they try to change the world. Cinema often has this ambition, on our modest scale we ourselves try to work in this direction.

This passion for the 7th art took on a new face in 2001 when you created the Chopard Trophy. What is the result?

Excellent, I won’t hide it from you. The Trophy reflects the long-term commitment of our company to guarantee the success of young talents. With this award, we draw the attention of the entire film industry and the public to an actress and an actor who will play in the films of tomorrow. The selection of the winners is a highly anticipated event every year, and I myself feel a great deal of emotion during the award ceremony when I read the faces of the crowned actors the pride of seeing their talent recognized. That some winners do us the honor of coming back a few years later to present the prize to a new generation, such as Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux or Diane Kruger, who have themselves become champions of the Trophy, thus closing a virtuous circle, says a lot. And touch me. The fact that we did something useful here is a great reward.

Especially when you know what Chopard’s presence in Cannes requires as a commitment?

You’re right to raise him. People don’t know this, but there are about 30 people there, and it’s a great team and it’s doing a great job. We prepare each edition to imagine new stories, and create our own (magical) sets for the scenography of these events. Several dinners and evenings are given on our private terrace of the Martinez or elsewhere. With each time the desire to surprise and instill this feeling of “joie de vivre” that defines Chopard. We receive by invitation, throughout the day, guests, friends and celebrities. The space lives to the rhythm of the Festival, alternating sparkling evenings and moments of calm helping to escape the frenzy of the Croisette. And this with incomparable view of the Bay. Cannes is a whole lot of things.

Your inspiration always comes from multiple sources. What are the themes of the 2023 Red Carpet collection?

Emotion, audacity, technical excellence punctuate it. In the collection, I tried to transcribe my affinities with the world of the arts: architecture, painting, literature, dance, music and, of course, cinema. As soon as the opening, I will be able to unveil unique pieces full of history and spirit. I wanted to highlight the expertise of our artisans, these Hands of Art that create emotions by revealing their know-how and their genius. Finally, stones with color, volume, transparency and aura unusual inspired me. I prefer to keep the mystery intact, but I can already mention a ring whose central yellow sapphire weighs more than 100 carats, jewel all the more exceptional as the stone, solar and luminous, presents an excellent purity. A jewel sublimated by a frame adorned with antique sculptures carved in gold and set with diamonds. Nature, a source of marvellous stones, has also been a carrier as evidenced by a series of graceful butterflies that, with a simple flutter of wings, embellish a silhouette.

After ethical gold, you announce that the steel in your watches will be 80% made from recycled steel. The journey to sustainable luxury takes a new step.

Yes. And it’s a long-term process, because it’s essential to make the supply of raw materials accountable. However, the challenges related to steel are very different from those encountered with gold. This is the beauty of our journey: we have a goal, but multiple directions to follow in order to reach it. While gold has led us to focus on the working conditions of miners, steel has allowed us to tackle the carbon footprint impact of our products. Luxury may be important drivers of change, our customers and most people are sensitive to creations made with a conscious approach to sustainability.

Chopard brought a lot to Cannes. What do you think Cannes brought to Chopard?

Thanks to the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard is now known and recognized by all. Isn’t it true that a necklace shines brighter and is therefore more spectacular around the neck of an actress than in a showcase in the Place Vendôme?

Red Carpet Collection. 18-carat white gold necklace, Fairmined certified, and titanium necklace, set with emerald heart and pear sizes and brilliant sapphires.

Red Carpet Collection. Necklace and earrings in 18 carat white gold, Fairmined certified, and titanium, set with multicolored sapphires, rubies and diamonds.



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