Qeelin Precious talismans

A marriage of Asian inspiration and European know-how, each jewel created by Qeelin is a marvel of sophistication, purity and poetry. We take a closer look.

An artistic bridge, an esthetic, fun and poetic link between East and West, without cliché or exaggeration, Qeelin has created its own niche with designs that combine the best of both worlds. Qeelin is the product of a transatlantic partnership between Chinese designer Dennis Chan and brilliant French entrepreneur Guillaume Brochard. Building on their skills and visions honed in Hong Kong and London, together they created the brand more than 15 years ago. The engine that drives their luxury jewelry brand – an alliance of Asian sophistication and inspiration and Western know-how – was established early on.

And it soon worked its magic. Presented in Cannes and Paris, including at Colette, from 2004, but also in Hong Kong and various Chinese cities, Qeelin quickly set its sights on the wider world. “Launching the brand in France was a way of asserting Qeelin’s international – rather than exclusively Chinese – vision of jewelry”explains Christophe Artaux, the company’s current CEO. This melting pot of influences is reflected in their collections. “Dennis Chan transforms and translates Asian inspirations, meanings and emotions into drawings, models and universal values, which Qeelin produces with Western workmanship and purity” adds Christophe Artaux. It didn’t take long for Bo Bo (a seriously cute panda teddy bear) and Wulu (inspired by an 8-shaped Chinese fruit) to score highly in the popularity stakes. In Asia, wherever stores opened, women were won over. Qeelin’s first Paris outlet débuted in 2007 in the galleries of the Palais-Royal. It was such a success that the jeweler joined French company Kering in 2012 – proof of its expansion and early potential. New collections with an attractive price mix were launched in 2015, combining accessible jewelry with more expensive lines, like the Couture range. Qeelin is a blend of imagination and personal messages, appealing to women who want to wear jewelry with a difference, and which speaks to them in a personal, tender way. Has Qeelin invented the “comfort jewelry” of the modern age?

Qeelin Jardin du Palais Royal

26 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001, Paris Phone : +33 (0)1 49 26 96 90
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