Sama, meaning “sky” in Arabic, sounds like a promise of culinary escape. Under the leadership of Karim Haïdar, an experienced author and restaurateur, Loulouwa al-Rachid, an expert in geopolitics and hospitality, and Marwan Rizk, the owner of the Sôma restaurants, Sama is the archetype of modern Lebanese cuisine. The menu at Sama, a close collaboration between the trio, celebrates Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist. The dishes are a fusion of memories, craftsmanship, and innovations, where each creation by Karim Haïdar is guided by Marwan’s bistronomic vision and Loulouwa’s rich taste palette. Moving away from traditional stereotypes, each plate reflects contemporary Lebanon, focusing on textures, temperatures, and flavor balances. Through shared dishes like hendbé (sautéed spinach and sorrel, loumi, and crispy shallots, €9), batenjen (grilled eggplants, pomegranate molasses, radishes, herbs, and sesame, €10), habra (pounded tuna, bulgur with ginger and coriander, €16), or kafta of duck, date, sage, and hummus (€14), Karim Haïdar emphasizes quality sourcing. The desserts provide a bright end to the meal with creations like sheep’s milk yogurt beignets with orange blossom. On weekends, Sama transforms with the terwi’a, a traditional Lebanese brunch (€34 or €21 for children under 10). The large bar, golden sconces, and large bay windows create a welcoming and contemporary setting, enhanced by photos of modern Beirut. A terrace with 16 seats brightens up the place as soon as the first rays of sun appear, offering an authentic culinary experience in a friendly and refined atmosphere.

  • 12pm to 2:30pm and 7:30pm to 10:30pm
  • Closed Sunday evening and Monday
  • Average price: €40.



5, rue Guillaume-Bertrand, 11th Phone : 01 73 79 87 90
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