Liquides Paris at the Carreau du Temple

You need to see this place to really get it. Liquides Paris looks every inch a bar, with its brass counter, mirrors on black-wood walls, high stools and bottles lining the shelves – although rather than alcohol these bottles are filled with perfume – and not any old perfume. The store offers artisan-made scents, all created by independent perfumers rarely known to the public.

They include Parfum d’Empire, the highly-prized New York brand Odin and creations by the young French perfumer David Benedek, BDK – all of which the manager Vincent Haustant takes great pleasure in introducing to you as part of your quest for that ultimate “this is me!” moment. A thrilling journey through the world of scent.

Liquides Paris The Marais

9, rue de Normandie, 75003 Paris
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By Viviane Blassel and Dominique Millérioux. Photos: Stéphanie Slama. - Published the

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