Sabé Masson at the Carreau du Temple

Sabé Masson produces Soft Perfume, i.e. sticks of solid perfume made from a natural cosmetic base with 10% fragrance sold in a beautiful format that comes with a fragrant badge to let you in on the “olfactive ingredients”. Applied like a lipstick, this perfume feels like the kiss of gentle breeze and only reveals its scent when it touches the skin. Mystery and thrills guaranteed! These sticks are so creative and original that using them is like a moment of pure elegance, sending us back to traditional practices that still hold a constant fascination for us.

This imaginative, playful store with its distinctive plants and lighting invites you to take your time and explore all the latest products. Alcohol- and paraben-free, you can apply soft perfume anywhere… to your nostrils, wrists, neck, the back of your knees… any time you like. A true perfume, it’s also a skincare product because it’s good for your skin and… the soul!

The power of perfume knows no bounds!

Sabé Masson The Marais

4, rue de Franche Comté, 75003 Paris
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By Viviane Blassel and Dominique Millérioux. Photos: Stéphanie Slama. - Published the

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