Dior Jewelry A breath of fresh air

At Dior Jewelry, Victoire de Castellane enriches her Rose des Vents (windrose) collection with six new pieces and continues to reinterpret the codes of the house with jewellery that is subtle yet rich with meaning.

Victoire de Castellane is a true magician: on a medallion only about a dozen millimeters large, she has managed to inscribe over 60 years of history of the House of Dior. The story starts in Granville, the hometown of Christian Dior where he spent his childhood. There, where in the family home perched up on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the great couturier grew up. From this villa baptized “Les Rhumbs” (the mariner term “rhumb” refers to the angle between the two points of the windrose of a compass) one could see the Anglo-Norman islands and boats on their way to America or even further as far as the imagination could take you. Everything evoked voyages, such as that which took Dior to dazzle the four corners of the Earth with his fashion. It’s also there, in the garden of the villa, that the young Christian saw his passion for flowers blossom: the resedas, the hawthorns, and especially the roses, which he loved so much. Then, the story continues in Paris, the day when Christian Dior, now an adult and very superstitious, finds a star on the sidewalk of the capitol and takes it as a sign of destiny to open his own couture house…

Dior Jewelry Legacy

To make a long story short, all the codes of 30 avenue Montaigne are woven together by a (golden) thread in the clever hands and spirit of Victoire de Castellane, who convokes them for her collection Rose des Vents: “behind the symbol of voyage, we find not only the star of Christian Dior and the idea of a good-luck charm, but also the rose, his favorite flower. All the history of the couture house is there, as a watermark,” confides the art director of Dior Jewellery. The result? A wonderfully imaginative opus of jewellery, reflecting it’s creator; fifteen short and long necklaces and bracelets all set with a little double-faced medallion: on the front, a windrose in yellow, rose, or white gold; on the back, a gemstone: lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, pink opal, or onyx. Jewelry that’s like a second skin, like that of delicate lingerie, that dresses the body without hindering it, only to be taken off in a moment of intimacy; in short, good luck charms, reminding us of the star found by Christian Dior that he always carried with him; a collection thought up by Victoire de Castellane “for women that want something very real, something that can be light and feel good on the skin.” This set of jewelry that clearly goes together, appears simple but is actually only possible to be made with the skill of the expert hands of the Dior workshops who rework the gold of the jewellery, setting the diamond in the center of the windrose, and adjusting the gemstone to the back of the pendant. “It’s also a metaphor for creation” adds the art director about her collection. “Creating, is searching, going round and round, and then finding one’s cardinal reference focal point and thus departing on a journey. Creation is the footprint of the stationary voyage.”

Since November, the actress Emilia Clarke, famous for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the series “Game of Thrones”, who today lends her image to the collection, leads the voyage. A new fresh face among the muses of the avenue Montaigne, like a fresh breath of air at Dior. Victoire de Castellane herself assures us: “The story will continue and Rose des Vents is a brand new chapter. I love to develop identities when I have something to say, they are all important. I only create things in which I believe in. Rose des Vents is perhaps just simply a collection of adorable delicate objects. There will be a diamond and a yellow diamond, but I do not want to do earrings or enormous rings.”

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